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OBO ROBO Hi Rebound Kickers




What is the difference between Hi-Control and Hi-Rebound ROBO foam?

Response From CranBarry: Hi-Control
Hi-Control suits a agressive player who kicks with conviction and also likes to log at short corners. The pads are narrow allowing ease of movement when going down or getting up. Essentially the design of the kickers is identical to the Hi-Rebound-only the foam density being different. The hand protectors are different from the Hi-Rebound ones, the left Hi-Control is identical in design to the Hi-Rebound except in cosmetic appearance, the right is the traditional tube style for logging.

The Hi-Rebound kit is suited to the more modern player who stays upright for as long as possible and likes to use a passive deflecting type of kicking. The pads are wider than the HC giving a bigger area against attackers, they have stiff wings to delfect the more slowly to be cleared with the feet afterwards. Again, the kickers are the same design as the Hi-Control but with more rebound. The hand protectors are a different design to the Hi-Control. The left Hi-Rebound is very similar to the Hi-Control, the rebound is obviously higher for a more deflecting style of play. The right Hi-Rebound holds the stick at a different angle to the Hi-Control for a more upright style of play, it also has a much bigger surface area for reaction saves. The different angle takes some getting use to but works great for me.

  • Manufacturer: OBO
  • Condition: New

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